Remote Viewing Life Coaching
Remote Viewing Life Coaching


The rapidly expanding science of Information Field Communication together with MATRIX Technology offers growing opportunities in all areas of science, business and private life.

Willy De Maeyer and Gabriele Breyer who have trained and coached numerous companies and individuals all over the world, therefore decided to concentrate more and more on the teaching of these advanced skills and the coaching given with this powerful tools. After having spent the last couple of years on evaluating, researching and developing new activities in these exciting fields, and based on the knowledge gathered over the last ten years, they are now happy to share their experiences with you!

Where does the name Matrix informational come from?

Matrix can be defined as: “a situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained”. It can as such be considered as the womb. But, more important than this: the Matrix can be considered as the Global Unconsciousness as described by C.G. Jung!

Informational covers the new physics where information is considered as being superior to energy. Information rules and directs energy. Together with a quantum and fractal approach it is the most impressive business and coaching tool available today on the market.

Matrix Informational describes therefore perfectly our activity.

The procedures, systems and protocols we work with, enable us to obtain  impressive and profitable results for our customers and this within very short time. Our customers are located throughout Europe, USA and Australia. In other words, we are active in all kind of companies and businesses, and this all over the world. 

In our Swiss headquarters in Basel, we offer professional Remote Viewing training and coaching in English, French, German and Dutch, as well as distant Life and Business Coaching sessions based on informational support in the same languages.

Our company combines the powerful world of gathering any information needed at any time from any target, independent of its location through Remote Viewing, with the exciting world of Information Field Communication, making it possible to act at a distance!

Welcome to this opportunity of profitability, innovation and optimization!

Thank you for visiting our site.

Willy De Maeyer
Gabriele Breyer

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