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About us

Matrix Informational is a consulting, coaching and research institute using tools of new physics and cognitive sciences to achieve fast, reliable and innovative results.

Our area of activity includes holistic life coaching, fractal business coaching, bio communication technology, environmental re-certification, team building, management, health care, research and training within the field of informational science.

Our tools are new physics, informational and holistic techniques.

So far, we have been very successful in Western Europe, South America, Australia and the USA. Our customers in these geographical areas use our know-how daily to offer exclusive services in their own national area.


Committed to the well-being of Humanity and the Environment and based on our values, Matrix Informational is dedicated to explore what is beyond the borders of today's informational science and technology, and to create services and coaching without precedents at the present time.


Matrix informational aims at surpassing the emptiness of knowledge that exists in today's business, science and technology, and at increasing the understanding of how things work, in order to develop coaching and consulting for the benefit of Humanity and the Environment, or interesting innovations for a wide portfolio of industries.


  • Consciousness towards Environment: our coaching, research and consulting are designed to take care of our natural environment and its regeneration.
  • Respect for Human Rights: we respect human rights strictly, specially the right to live, to be free and to have personal security.
  • Innovation: we create opportunities to make people and organizations aware of their strengths. We cause things to happen and to influence towards their original information field.
  • Congruence: is what allows us to do what we say that we will do, generating tangible results and benefits for our customers.
  • Orientation towards Excellence: the constant search for excellence leads us always to take the optimal options to obtain the best results.
  • Team Work: in order to reach the established goals with the greatest efficiency, we and our customers work together as a team.
  • Integrity and Civility and Commitment: it is essential for our company to maintain an ethical, honest, responsible and equitable attitude and to be proactive towards work, humanity and the environment.
  • Humility and Respect: ignoring the egos and focusing on the group reality rather than on individual realities, are the basis of team success. Humility and respect allow recognizing how things really are, beyond particular beliefs, instead of criticizing other points of view.
  • Continuous personal and professional growth: it is very important for Matrix Informational that the company's people maintain a constant self-realization attitude, which means to have a continuous attitude to grow both personally and professionally. For that reason, coaching, research and external / internal qualification are defined as indispensable tools in the company.

General Objective

Exploring what is beyond the borders of spirituality, science and technology in order to contribute with the well-being of humanity and the preservation of our environment by creating scientific and technological developments without precedents or equivalents. In other words, to use informational communication technologies in a unique way to better understand and work with nature, business and humanity.

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