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Holistic Fractal Business Coaching and Informational Research Institute

Holistic Fractal Business Coaching goes far beyond traditional holistic coaching, and embraces techniques and knowledge within the field of Informational Field Communication

Destabilizing issues in efficient business management are certainly not just limited to apparent issues such as: family, health, dining and wining behavior, sports and work out (being the case with traditional holistic coaching). It is very important that external and internal processes which we are not aware of should be included.

Matrix Informational holistic fractal business coaching is more than an extended form of life coaching and focuses especially on creativity, a fractal business approach and innovation, using some very effective tools.

Indeed, our approach and support is not just based on the latest findings in quantum physics, but even more radical, it uses and is based upon the science of new physics. Apart from working with Instrumental Information Field Communication, Matrix Informational uses the properties of logarithmic scale invariance of natural- as well as technical processes, combined with optimizing the fundamental fractal.

By holistic we don't just mean to look at the person's or organization's external factors, but we upgrade the term “holistic” to its key role in less apparent issues such as taking into account optimal decision making (and frequency) based on the fundamental fractal, the original information field (both from the individual as well as the organization), the interaction with the other dimensions as presented by various scientists, and not to forget the important initial spiritual link.

Matrix Informational offers effective business coaching and optimal solutions in the following cases:

  • Uncertainties about business partners
  • Poor value creation
  • Ineffective crisis management
  • Unbalanced product/market mix
  • Unclear business perceptions
  • Wrong positioning
  • Goal setting and decision taking
  • Lack of creativity
  • Slow innovation
  • Making the right choices
  • Missing opportunities
  • Coping with complex business solutions
  • Communication issues
  • Optimizing the hiring process
  • Enhancing creative meetings
  • Accurate business planning
  • Effective leadership
  • Team building
  • Project coaching

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