Life Coaching
Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Complementary medicine and spiritual self help services are growing markets. Coaching becomes therefore a key issue in this strong growing and stable segment.

The complementary medicine issue is more than a mix between oriental healing arts and western medicine. There is a lot “forgotten” knowledge that perfectly fits into this “holistic” approach.

Combining techniques using tools of Informational Field Communication and the so called “forgotten” knowledge helps customers to cope with their problems, without “digging” into their inner-self. Most existing coaching methods use the same procedure as psychotherapy: listening to their customers and let them explore their problems. We only need to look around to see the results of these “traditional” approaches…

The life coaching approach of Matrix Informational is an active one, leading to excellent results by using methods based on quantum- fractal approach, forgotten knowledge and Informational Field Communication. This means that coaching can be done at distance, saving much money and time by avoiding expensive travel.

Matrix Informational offers holistic guidance, support and motivation to anyone who feels the need for it. The assistance given is not the usual “high performance” delivery, but rather a way to leverage skills, experience and resources on a higher spiritual level instead of trying to stay “competitive” as so called “top performer”. In other words: bringing out the best of each individual! We offer our customers many years of successful holistic life coaching.

Matrix Informational offers effective life coaching for individuals and/or groups in the following areas:

  • Relationship issues with family members, life partners, friends, superiors, colleagues, teachers, team members, etc.
  • Personal growth and development issues as life plan, direction in life, career, family planning, decision taking, goal setting, etc.
  • Emotional issues due to stress, anxiety, worries, learning problems, exam stress, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, mobbing
  • Space clearing for people feeling uneasy in certain places, houses or environments

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