Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing


Officially there is much still not understood about the science behind and mechanisms ruling Informational Field Communication. Apparently skeptics must have more resources than motivated researchers in this field. The reason is probably that people are not aware of the results...

Remote Perception (in fact a better term than remote viewing) is a technique for gathering any  information from a target at a distance, in the past, present or the future. At Matrix Informational we believe strongly that this is done by using the information fields. All sensory data are accessible at a distance; therefore we tend to use the term remote perception, instead of just remote viewing.

Traditional physics constructs models that are not applicable to what we call “information fields”, and even more advanced researchers only just talk about human brain or human mind. Emotions cannot be modeled by equations! The price for that is the general non-acceptance by mainstream science.

It is one of the goals of Matrix Informational to promote the science or Remote Viewing as well as to investigate this phenomenon so that it can be used in a constructive way.

In our Swiss headquarters in Basel, we offer professional Remote Viewing trainings and coaching in English, French, German and Dutch. Trainings are given both on a one to one bases, as well as to groups. Remote Viewing coaching is done in Basel or at any other location chosen by the customer.


Matrix Informational works together with a group of reliable remote viewers, taskers and project leaders, who all have been trained by us. The group mainly consists of academic trained persons with several years of professional experience. They mainly work blind or double blind.

Before committing ourselves to a project, we first do some preparation sessions to make sure we can handle the complexity of the demand. Fees are discussed upfront.

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