Scientific bases
Scientific bases

Scientific bases

Many researchers have given us substantial proof of existing interactions between mental activities and physical processes. After 25 years consistent and repetitive proof has been demonstrated by researchers at the PEAR project at Princeton University, William Tiller and many others, Matrix Informational uses this knowledge extensively in order to extend their research and customer coaching successfully.

The way how a particular environment thinks about a particular company and its employees, largely determines its results, development, resources and creativity. In quantum physics we call this "the observer effect". When an eagle circles at a couple of hundred feet above a field, observing a little 10 inch mouse, you can be sure that the observed mouse knows what is happening, and acts accordingly.

As soon as a person or an organization becomes active in a certain environment (market?), a part of its personality flows into this environment, and reflects itself back to its source. For this reason it is important to detect and measure the degree of flow and reflection. The term bio-field is no longer just applicable to "living" things, because advanced Soviet research included since 20 years "non-living" objects. The research work of highly qualified Russian scientists such as Cislenko, Schnoll, Petrov and many others have brought us completely new insights that allow us to identify, measure, predict any natural, social or technical process, and so allow us to position ourselves and our changing environment in a unique way.

Matrix Informational investigates the information fields. It is also very important to know that any process can be optimized as such, that in case of crisis or problems, the process can be brought back to its original information field. This is a complete holistic approach, because it detects, interacts and cures the process problems on all levels.

The research done by Matrix Informational reflects very well the dynamic properties of geometrical structures on all dimensional levels. This is just one of the many tools that we use, and we are more than willing to show you the practical use of these technologies, applicable on business processes. Our work is also based on the science of Global Scaling developed by Dr. Hartmut Müller in the 1980's at the Academy of Science in St. Petersburg.

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